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That started in New York in July 2013 with the dream of innovating in Interior Design and Architecture. Guillermo Razzeto & Jose Bracho created their own style with the purpose of showing their passion to the world while taking arts and design to the next level. Inspiration and creativity are the central aspects of spacious design.


"Our creativity and respect for the client, in addition to diversity and equality, characterize us as one of the best Architecture and Interior Design Studios."


JOSBRA STUDIO is a new interior design Studio that hopes to innovate in our new headquarters in one of the most vibrant areas of the city of Washington D.C and Philadelphia PA. Where we can find art and design in each of its corners.


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The main objective of the brand is to give added value to all its customers each project is unique. 


Josbra Studio and her team reflect the needs and tastes of the owners, but without losing the principles and identity of the study, especially concerning sustainability and respect for nature.


The study has developed over the years a great experience and infrastructure to offer from the integral design of a house, a project of reform and decoration. Each project is accompanied by detailed plans, budget, and construction management.


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